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Contributed by Steve Schneider, President, CB Insurance

Hunker down?

Ours is a unique vantage point.

We have the privilege of talking with clients and prospective clients from a myriad of industries – all pushing through a difficult economic climate.  Most are hopeful, others not so much.  A popular business “strategy” as of late seems to be hunker down and wait.  Waiting for the upcoming election, waiting for valuations to drop, waiting for valuations to rise, but waiting.

However, some recent conversations have led me to a series of entrepreneurs who are taking a different approach.  These business people have surveyed the environment and decided that NOW is the time.  They are contractors who have redirected their business into areas not before considered; accountants and auditors who are preparing for better times; young first-time business owners who have found a unique and exploitable niche from which to build a company.  Risks?  Yep.  Fear of the unknown?  You bet, but they are moving their businesses forward, and from these companies will spring our next generation of Colorado Springs business leaders.  It’s important for all of us who own and manage businesses here in town to take encouragement from, and to support where we can, these locally-owned companies.

In the not too distant future, said firms will be our customers, vendors, competitors, but most importantly, job and wealth creators.  We could use a lot more of that right now.


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Contributed By:  Jill Johnson, Director of Marketing, Central Bancorp
Goat Treats?

“Can I help you?” he asked her.

“Well, I’m actually looking for goat treats,” she said. Kind of sheepishly.

“Um, goat treats?” he stuttered. He wasn’t used to being stumped. “What do goats eat?”

“Well, the Internet said they like vegetables!” she was sure that would impress him. She HAD done her homework.

Eventually he and the high-heel clad, goat-treat seeking businesswoman found an appropriate treat for the lucky goat. He then stocked her basket with delectable dog and cat treats upon her request and dropped her off at the checkout, strangely sad that she would be leaving.

He = the worker at PetSmart one unsuspecting day

She = the fearless Jill Webb, our business development director, who is so in touch with her clients and their interests that when assembling novelty packages of pet treats for them, she let no goat go unnoticed

Here’s to marketing!

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