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Contributed by Steve Schneider, President of CB Insurance

Despite the last few days of chilly, rainy weather, this winter will go down as one of the driest in Colorado’s recent history.  Already Colorado has endured several small to mid-size grass and forest fires.  As we get into the summer and fall, chances are we’ll be at even greater risk for wildfire.  Wildfires start small (think Hayman fire), but can grow rapidly in size and intensity. There are some simple things you can do to protect your home and reduce the probability of a total loss from such an event.  Chubb Insurance has a comprehensive wildfire protection checklist on their website, click here to view the complete list.  Some of these ideas include:

  • Keep your roof and gutters clean from leaves and other debris
  • Stack firewood at least 30 feet away from your home
  • Trim tree limbs to 15 feet off the ground and maintain a 15 foot distance between tree crowns (more…)

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Contributed by Ron Johnson, CEO Central Bancorp

Life is about choices.

Every day we face choices – big and small.  Inevitably we convince ourselves that the big decisions, the big choices are the ones that define our lives.  However, I contend that it is the great multitude of small choices that shape our paths; those countless little decisions form the foundation from which we make life’s most impactful decisions. 

Certainly the history of Central Bancorp is a collection of many decisions.  When my partner and I established The Corundum Group in 1992, we saw how the needs of high-net-worth families were misunderstood and under served by conventional financial firms.  We pointedly chose to establish a business driven by client needs rather than profit margins.  Today, The Corundum Group serves a wide variety of families and manages over $1 billion in assets, and we continue to choose each day to focus on client service over the bottom line.  Sticking to our direction takes focus and discipline but has served us, and our clients, very well. (more…)

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