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Contributed by Ron Johnson, CEO, Central Bancorp

In my mind there are three major reasons why local is better — well, at least GREAT local is better. As reflected in our recent “Local Money” advertising campaign, we are firm believers in building and supporting our community. We make great strides to work with and support local businesses.

Why the big deal about local? Here are my top three reasons:

– Doing business with companies headquartered in faraway places can slow down decisions. Working locally shortens the decision making process by miles.

– Similarly, we are of the belief that any good business owner needs good advisors. Getting face time with decision-makers is key. We call it access – and no one should go without it.

– Finally, working with regional or national firms essentially means we are sending our money away to grow OTHER communities. So if you can find a local firm (not in financial services only, but in any sector) that can deliver the same product or service in the same fashion as a national or regional, then the math just makes sense to do business locally.

Our promise to those local companies that choose to do business with us? Well, it’s quite simple: quick decisions, access, and a constant reinvestment into YOUR community.

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