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If you are a CB Insurance or Central Bancorp client affected by the Waldo Canyon fire, please call (719) 228-1070.

*** Updates: For City of Colorado Springs fire information, including available lodging CLICK HERE

        Chubb Wildfire Defense Resources: Evacuation Assistance Kit | Protecting Your Home from Wildfires ***

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our community members, public safety officials, and military who are impacted and fighting the Waldo Canyon fire.

We are actively reaching out to our clients who may have been affected by this disaster to ensure that their immediate needs are being met and that they understand the insurance claims process and their coverage. And, we would like to supply a few resources that might be helpful to the community below.

Your safety is top priority. CLICK HERE for a wild fire safety checklist from the American Red Cross.

– For an understanding of what to do if you incur an insured loss, we have put together a short downloadable guide.CLICK HERE

– To receive emergency notifications from the county and city, register your cell phone. CLICK HERE

– For a listing of Red Cross shelters, call (719) 632-3563 or CLICK HERE

– We are a community that pitches in. If you’d like to donate food, necessities, or volunteer please visit Care and Share and Goodwill online.

Items Care and Share Food Bank is requesting:

* Canned and boxed meals such as macaroni and cheese, beef stew, soups, ravioli, and cereal

* #10 cans of fruits and vegetables

* Personal care products: new towels and washcloths, lotion, deodorant, shavers, shaving creme, toothpaste, diapers

– Also, there is a community group sharing information and resources on Facebook. Search ‘Waldo Canyon Fire’ to join the discussion.

We will be sure to update this blog and our website with information and resources, please check back.


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Contributed by Steve Schneider, President, CB Insurance

ImageThe hail storm has passed…now what? It is difficult to determine from the ground whether roof damage has occurred. Most times, a professional roofing contractor is required to make that determination. The roofer will look for “bruising” of the asphalt shingle, granule loss or damage to the edges of the shingle, and actual penetration or holes. For tile and wood shake roofs, the contractor will look for splitting or cracks, and can often repair the individual shingles, rather than a full roof replacement. You may find shingles lying around your property, which is a good indicator that a more in-depth inspection is needed.

Damage to automobiles is easier to spot and—in many cases—easy to fix. Should you have damage to your car, contact your insurance agent to discuss the next steps. This will usually entail taking the vehicle to two or three reputable auto body repair facilities for estimates. Be patient, as your insurance carrier will be swamped with storm-related calls and may take up to 48 hours to contact you. Your agent should be there to assist you if your insurance carrier becomes unresponsive.

Finally, large hail storms will attract “storm chaser” roofing contractors. Be very careful here because most are not experienced roofers and will be very difficult to track down should their workmanship be poor. Most are uninsured, creating additional liability exposures for you as a homeowner. Always work with your agent and insurance carrier to find reputable roofing contractors.

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