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Happy Thanksgiving!

With all the craziness we experience throughout the year, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring back what some of us lose in our daily lives. Perspective.

In one way or another, we have all shared in some sort of loss this year. A death of a close friend, the loss of a job, a troubling time due to the economy, or a feeling of loss with one’s self. Thanksgiving reminds us that even through the losses and hardships we have much to be thankful for – our family and friends who are always there to support us, the second chances we get, businesses unwilling to fail, and most importantly the men and women who fight for our country so we can live our lives in freedom.

We asked around and thought we’d share what some of us at Central Bancorp are thankful for this year:

Ron Johnson – The same as all people, family, friends and health.

Scott Yeoman – I am thankful for those businesses and individuals that used debt prudently leading up to 2008; they are our best prospects and will benefit disproportionately during the economic recovery.

Steve Condon –  I am thankful for the many great clients who trust us to manage their financial affairs. (And, I am thankful for Central Bancorp who supplies me with an unlimited number of logo golf balls.)

Jill Webb – I’m thankful for the internet.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Contributed by Todd Morris, Vice President Commercial Lines, CB Insurance


With Thanksgiving around the corner, you are sure to be getting your camera ready to capture those special moments.  But be watchful next week when you receive an email from a friend who is sending you pictures from their Turkey Day in an attachment or through a photo-share website. Why?  You may open the attachment or click on the link only to have unknowingly downloaded malware that now allows someone unauthorized access to your computer.  Sounds a little more Halloween than Thanksgiving, huh?

The sophistication of cyber criminals today has greatly evolved from the days of experimentation to highly-profitable cyber crime.  Cyber criminals intend to use your machine (as part of their network of millions) for illegal activities and leave a trail so difficult to track that they are long gone before they are noticed.

These threats are real as I’ll explain more in future posts, but there are also many measures you can take to protect your business network and your personal computers. In the meantime, be safe, enjoy your turkey, and be sure to send me your favorite holiday photos too!

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