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Contributed by Jill Johnson, Director of Marketing, Central Bancorp

I recently got on the bus — and what a ride!

As one of the newest board members of Community Partnership for Child Development, the local non-profit organization administering the Head Start program, I was excited to attend a Get on the Bus Tour with the staff of CPCD. A one-hour tour along with several other local business people, philanthropists and community members is designed to help attendees better understand the mission and programs of CPCD in a highly-engaging way. 

The experience solidified for me all the reasons I decided to join the board of CPCD, and it also got me thinking about the marketing applications of a Get on The Bus Tour.

The concept is simple and powerful — provide a way for potential clients to experience what you do and why it matters to them.

For Central Bancorp, our “bus tour” is a modified lunch and learn concept where we gather our top professionals to meet with the owners and executives of a business to learn more about them and help develop and drive solutions to their challenges. Acting as an informal board of directors during an hour and half lunch meeting has helped our clients and prospective clients experience what doing business with the Central Bancorp family feels like.

So, a few good questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the bus tour for my business? or How do I feature the best qualities of my business to my potential clients?
  • How do I help potential clients experience what doing business with me is like?
  • And how can I make that experience unique and compelling?

If you need inspiration I would highly recommend that you Get on The Bus with CPCD, click here for more information!


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