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Contributed by Steve Schneider, President, CB Insurance

ImageThe hail storm has passed…now what? It is difficult to determine from the ground whether roof damage has occurred. Most times, a professional roofing contractor is required to make that determination. The roofer will look for “bruising” of the asphalt shingle, granule loss or damage to the edges of the shingle, and actual penetration or holes. For tile and wood shake roofs, the contractor will look for splitting or cracks, and can often repair the individual shingles, rather than a full roof replacement. You may find shingles lying around your property, which is a good indicator that a more in-depth inspection is needed.

Damage to automobiles is easier to spot and—in many cases—easy to fix. Should you have damage to your car, contact your insurance agent to discuss the next steps. This will usually entail taking the vehicle to two or three reputable auto body repair facilities for estimates. Be patient, as your insurance carrier will be swamped with storm-related calls and may take up to 48 hours to contact you. Your agent should be there to assist you if your insurance carrier becomes unresponsive.

Finally, large hail storms will attract “storm chaser” roofing contractors. Be very careful here because most are not experienced roofers and will be very difficult to track down should their workmanship be poor. Most are uninsured, creating additional liability exposures for you as a homeowner. Always work with your agent and insurance carrier to find reputable roofing contractors.


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Contributed by Jill Webb, Director of Business Development, Central Bancorp

ImageAs home to a growing defense industry and military presence, Colorado Springs has the honor to host a number of technical conferences each year that discuss the nation’s defense capabilities–present and future.

I had the pleasure this past week to attend one such gathering of minds at the Wide Area Sensing and Communications (WASC) Conference, which brought together some tremendous defense experts and officials including General Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA; General William Shelton, commander of the Air Force Space Command; Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia; and several other Department of Defense officials and industry experts.

These professionals from the commercial and military sectors were here in Colorado Springs to share the latest and greatest in communication and technology platforms that our military and government are using and developing to keep this country safe.

While most of what I saw seemed futuristic and unimaginable, the most interesting aspect of the conference, in my opinion, is that a lot of the technology showcased came from local small businesses right here in Colorado Springs, and they should be commended for their achievements in advancing defense technology.

The following companies were at the conference along with their CEO’s, who shared their latest successes:

Navsys Corporation: Provides technical products and services in GPS hardware design, systems engineering, systems analysis, and software design

SkySentry: A national leader in the investigation and development of high altitude operations

Imprimis Inc: Supports government and private organizations in achieving operational excellence with the effective use of technology

Global Near Space Services: Designs and develops unmanned aerospace systems

Colorado Springs is known for its many great industries, outdoor offerings, and quality of life. Through the work of these industries and more, it has also become the second largest defense industry market in the United States. We should be proud of that accomplishment and celebrate these businesses who are making it happen!

For more information on the WASC Conference, CLICK HERE.

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Contributed by Charles Lamb, Director of Marketing, Central Bancorp

I’m new to Colorado Springs—a transplant from the Four Corners—and in my four short weeks exploring, living, and working in the downtown area, I’ve grown to love the local small business feel permeating the city.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with big box stores or national chains. Much of my ‘Black Friday’ shopping was spent standing in line in one. But, during the remainder of the holiday shopping season, I’ll commit to buying holiday cards, wine, coffee, bike parts, and groceries in as many locally owned shops as I can find.

It’s a great feeling to hand a wife and husband your debit card in their wine shop; sip on a latté in a coffee bar named after the area’s famous peak; get served a pastry from the daughter of the bakery’s owner; and bank where the teller knows your name—and you know hers. There is satisfaction in shopping local and knowing that your money will stay in town and have an impact here in Colorado Springs.

Please remember your neighborhood small business during the hectic holiday shopping season. Perhaps you’ll find the experience of buying local so enchanting—as I have—that it’ll become a shopping habit to continue year round.

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Contributed by Ron Johnson, CEO, Central Bancorp

In my mind there are three major reasons why local is better — well, at least GREAT local is better. As reflected in our recent “Local Money” advertising campaign, we are firm believers in building and supporting our community. We make great strides to work with and support local businesses.

Why the big deal about local? Here are my top three reasons:

– Doing business with companies headquartered in faraway places can slow down decisions. Working locally shortens the decision making process by miles.

– Similarly, we are of the belief that any good business owner needs good advisors. Getting face time with decision-makers is key. We call it access – and no one should go without it.

– Finally, working with regional or national firms essentially means we are sending our money away to grow OTHER communities. So if you can find a local firm (not in financial services only, but in any sector) that can deliver the same product or service in the same fashion as a national or regional, then the math just makes sense to do business locally.

Our promise to those local companies that choose to do business with us? Well, it’s quite simple: quick decisions, access, and a constant reinvestment into YOUR community.

Check out the recent ads

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Contributed by Jill Johnson, Director of Marketing

Central Bank & Trust ranked as the number two lender for SBA Loans in El Paso County in 2010. The local branch, which is a part of Farmers & Stockmens Bank, originated $4,740,000 in SBA 7(a) Loans in Fiscal Year 2010, our first year of operations. (Note – the SBA Fiscal Year begins on 10/1, so the total volume of SBA loans for Central Bank & Trust in all of 2010 was nearly $10 million, a number that certainly made a positive impact on our community.)

The Colorado Springs Business Journal originally reported the volume for Central Bank & Trust incorrectly in their June 2011 list of top SBA lenders for the county, but the revised list (click here to view) reflects the proper numbers and rankings.

Providing capital to local businesses, especially during this critical recovery, will continue to be a top priority.

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Contributed by Jill Webb, Director of Business Development, Central Bancorp

Congratulations Colorado Springs on your newly-elected Mayor, Budardave Ghercansenbahrbach. What? There isn’t a candidate by that name?  Well there should be – they’re perfect for the job!

I met Budardave Ghercansenbarhrbach.  He is the ideal mayoral candidate combining the best ideas of the 8 candidates that sat before us recently at the Colorado Springs Strong Mayor Candidate luncheon. Each candidate spoke with passion, conviction, determination and confidence that they could make right all that has been wrong.

Here are some interesting points that stood out to me:

  • Richard Skorman gave examples of his dedication to our city with his vision to convert our natural resources like parks, lakes and trails into assets for the City.
  • Dave Munger stressed that education for our young people needs to be a priority as well as  collaboration between our local educational institutions and businesses so we can create a strategic business plan for our city.
  • Buddy Gilmore spoke to our military and defense contractors being key assets to our city’s growth and how we need to grow entrepreneurs who can build sustainable businesses.
  • Tom Gallaher promoted the idea of a good attitude creating a culture of “can do”.  He’s a no-nonsense-guy when it comes to the obvious issues we’re facing.
  • Mitch Christensen talked about duplication of efforts by several government entities and how we have to address the benefits promised to our city employees.
  • Brian Bahr was excited about dissecting the budget to find cost savings to create efficiencies and deploy those saved dollars to neglected responsibilities that we have currently.
  • Steve Bach stressed his “been there, done that” experience and his willingness to bring the right people into the room to make the tough decisions that will benefit the city.

I for one am glad that I took the time to attend this informative luncheon so I could gain better perspective about what each candidate envisions for our great community.

Have you done your research? I encourage all of you to visit the mayoral websites and to do your homework before you vote. Let’s make sure the future of Colorado Springs is on the right track. Get out there and vote!

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Contributed by Tim Coutts, Chief Operating Officer, Central Bancorp & President, CB&T Mortgage

April 5th represents a historic opportunity to participate in the election of our first strong Mayor. As Colorado Springs moves from a city manager form of government to an elected, full-time, salaried executive at the helm, I felt it important to highlight the reasons, beyond the historic “first”, why this is such a an important election.

The City faces many challenges: our financial condition is unsustainable; we are making a large investment in the City’s future with the Southern Delivery System, we are struggling to define the appropriate role of the City in local healthcare with Memorial Health System, and we desperately need to restore trust and confidence in our local elected officials.

Our first strong Mayor will indeed need to be a strong and capable person.

More than ever an informed vote is critical, and educating oneself is also more challenging than ever with a ballot of nine candidates.  While fortunate that we have so many concerned and committed citizens willing to serve the community, it requires more time to do your homework.   You should also understand that unless one candidate receives 51% of the vote, the top two vote-getters will face a run-off election.  I urge you to do your part by studying the candidates’ positions on the important issues we face. The candidates all have websites providing their platforms, and KOAA’s website, www.newsfirst5.com, has an archived video of the February debate. Further, the Gazette carries on-going coverage of the election and has recently come out with their endorsements.

Invest the time to cast an informed vote – we will all be better for it.

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